TENCompetence Winter School 2009 (English)

image After the 2008 edition, I attended also the Winter School 2009, organized by the European project TENCompetence.

The programme was rich and full of interesting hints (the slides are available on slideshare).

The organization was perfect, thanks to all the OUNL staff and especially to Milos and Christian.

Like and even more than last year, teachers organized effective and involving workshops, not just lectures.

I can not report in detail on all the events because, as often happens (but here …more!) the real value was the exciting international environment and the sharing of ideas between colleagues and professors during breaks (very short, to tell the truth …), nights (as we can not complain :-)) and …skiing (only one afternoon, but very nice indeed!).

Memorable the Monster Academy workshop, prepared in every detail, and excellently imagemanaged by  Wolf and Sandra: a very fun and exciting example of PBL/role play. Bravissimi!

Interesting experiments by Christian and Hendrick on mash-up environments: ReScope (centered on del.icio.us) and ReMashed (a mash-up of different Web 2.0 services). Everyone can register and test both systems.

Always challenging the eclecticism of the inexhaustible Ambjörn, from blues to mathematics through concept maps and disagreement management… wow! :-).

Also suggestive the Albert‘s presentation: I would be curious to see if he really will succeed in spreading the use of its new product, TenTube, a sort of YouTube for professional development, among the top managers of multinational European companies…

A nice evening was spent in making predictions for the future, led by Jocelyn: a scenario for Lifelong Learning in 2020. We’ve tried to invent odd futures but we have not even approached the "visions" that emerged from the project led by Jocelyin in Holland!

Good news from the tools for Learning Design: under the TenCompetence project, a new tool,  Recourse, was developed and it is a good step forward in usability, compared to the previous enigmatic Reload tools :-).

So, it seems there won’t be a 2010 edition, shame!

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