OpenEd: week 14 – Commenting on the future of Open Education

Here are my comments for this week:

  • Rob (on the timing of changes: seven years are a very little time for changing educational institutions..). In addition, I want to compliment Rob for having done his own predictions. He was really fearless in doing that 🙂
  • Catia (with a small joke about bureaucracy..)
  • Stian (on learning networks and competence-based Universities)
  • Karen (on the usefulness of OER for informal learning and the possible convergence of informal and formal learning)
  • Andreas (on his academic course. This year he realized it in a very “open” way, by using blogs, outside the “walls” of an LMS. It is a working example of OER, isn’t it?)
  • Elisa (about the possible “silent” introduction of “fair use” in the Italian copyright law)
  • Jessie, who is constantly providing us a very interesting point of view from China (on the relation between democracy and OER and some digital divide issues)
  • Emanuela (agreeing on her “painting” of the Italian school system)
  • Jennifer, with her multimedia post in which she’s correctly remembering that education is different from content…
  • Erik (who offered me the chance of having ..different opinions!)

Finally, a “comment on the comments”: I’m definitely persuaded that these weeks devoted to cross-blogging have been a very important resource and a key for the success of this course. Furthermore, I guess the comment-on-each-blog way is the more effective, better than writing a summary post. So, I’ve learned this, too. 🙂

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