OpenEd: week 12 – Commenting on Learning Objects

This week I read around classmates’ blogs and I commented some of their posts. I found this way more effective than summarizing comments on my blog: it seems to me that I had more personal contact with the colleagues, since I visited their own blogs.

I commented:

  • Andreas (on LOs seen as mere “technical stuff”);
  • Catia (insisting on importance of “adaptation”);
  • Jennifer (on her “evolutionary” point of view about LOs and OER);
  • Elisa (on the difference between commercial and OS authoring tools for education);
  • Alessandro (on the relation between LOs and visions of teaching and learning);
  • Emanuela (on the non-mutual exclusivity between LOs and OER);
  • Greg (on cultural issues about “adaptation” and general validity of some principles);
  • Karen (“e-learning is too important to be left to engineers”);
  • Stian (on the e-learning paradigms and their consequences, e.g.. LO+LMS = formal/institutional);
  • Thieme (on the present “proprietary LO economy”)

Now I’m tracking further comments on these blogs, using It’s a free service for following comments (a still unresolved trouble…) via RSS. Try it if you want 🙂

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1 Response to “OpenEd: week 12 – Commenting on Learning Objects”

  1. 1 thieme hennis Nov 17th, 2007 at 23:56

    hi Antonio

    grazie for your reply, and the suggestion for, great!

    have fun the final weeks of the course.


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