image Researchers have often to do with surveys, questionnaires and other inquiries. Deploying a survey can be easier than expected with LimeSurvey (formerly PhPSurveyor).

LimeSurvey is a PHP web application (PHP & MySQL are needed for installation) for publishing online multi-question and multi-lingual surveys. It comes with a lot of great features (one of the most useful: conditional questions i.e. questions that appear only if the user give a specific answer to a previous question).

Basic statistical analysis and graphs are avalaible, as well as multiple formats export of survey results.

I’ve already used it in a couple of situations, with complete satisfaction.

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1 Response to “LimeSurvey”

  1. 1 Fabio Mar 15th, 2008 at 18:14

    l’ho installato ed utilizzato quando era ancora phpsurveyor…un buon prodotto, sotto tutti i punti di vista!

    A proposito ho realizzato una modifica a questo software, il plugin consente di fare sondaggi di tipo implicito. E’ una tecnica usata in psicologia che si basa sul test IAT

    Implicit Association Test

    se può interessare …! 😉

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