CCK08 – Week 8 – What estate? A digression…

I was reading the Pierfranco’s post related to terminology issues about the term “estate“, as used in the paper by W.H.Dutton.

Well, we (in Italy) have another problem.

Actually, while reading the paper I was reflecting on the fact that the Italian title of a well-known film by Sidney Lumet (released in 1976) was “Quinto Potere” (Fifth Estate)!

But when I was reading the paper I was on a plane, without any Internet connection (this is also a point….), so I wasn’t able to realize that the original title of the film was “Network” (what a coincidence!!!), nothing to do with “Fifth Estate”!

In fact, “Network” dealt with TV and mass-media power and won several awards.

Here the most famous scene from “Network” (still valid today…):

Here the Italian version (“sono incazzato nero e tutto questo non lo accetterò più”).

In conclusion, the expression “Fifth Estate” is really new in English, but not in Italian….


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