CCK08 Course Tools Survey

image The Connectivism and Connective Knowledge Online Course (CCK08) is over.

First of all, thanks to the excellent facilitators: George Siemens and Stephen Downes!

Even though I wasn’t an… exemplary student 🙂 the course has been a good opportunity for my research.

As part of my PhD work (that is focused on learning networks for Lifelong Learning) I’m now presenting a survey on the use of the wide range of technological tools proposed by the facilitators (and by some students, too) during the course.

I try to investigate uses and approaches to the web tools available for the course (taking into account users’ profiles, motivation, technological background, language, etc.) and to understand whether the absence of specific constraints on the use of the web tools (e.g. rules on time and/or purposes) was an obstacle for the participants, by generating anxiety and confusion or, conversely, fostered their participation and outcomes.

So, if you are a CCK08 student (no matter if you completed or not the course!!), I ask you a favour: please spend some of your time in replying to the

CCK08 Course Tools Survey.

The answers are strictly anonymous.

In addition, I’ll be glad to share the results with anyone interested.

Thank you in advance! 🙂

2 Responses to “CCK08 Course Tools Survey”

  1. 1 Laura Colombo Dic 8th, 2008 at 9:48

    Thank you for the opportunity to rethink about the peculiar experience of the course!
    I couldn’t accomplish all the tasks, but I feel I’ve learnt a lot, both as a student and as a teacher in the perspective of Lifelong Learning.
    In fact as a as a grown-up student (I’m 50, ;-)) I used some of the tools that I felt comfortable with, while neglecting others. At the same time, as an experienced teacher, I learnt that we must offer a more complex toolset to help our students learn in a dynamic context. The effects of this course will be lasting more than we could imagine and I think that other course mates would like to exchange their views now that the \\

  2. 2 Laura Colombo Dic 8th, 2008 at 9:58

    (my comment seems to be too long!)
    that the reflective stage has started. Each of us is still making comparisons about the learning/teaching experiences. Some questions still remain open: I’m deeply concerned about the digital divide issue here in Italy (the average teacher is 50 and, as far as I know, most teachers seem vaccinated against ICT :-). And, in contrast to the general opinions about the Net Gen, many students still have difficulties in using the Internet services (due to economic problems). If they can afford a PC, most of the times they can’t have an Internet connection at home.
    I’m interested in receiving the results of the survey!

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